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Capable of filling a wide range of products at different speeds and accuracies, typical applications have resulted in the following:-

Filling Methods

Volume: Using a servo drive to control the acceleration, speed and number of revolutions to dispense the required amount of product. Accurate to 1/50th of a revolution.
When linked with a check weigher the system automatically adjusts for product variances.

Weight: Using scales to accurately control the servo system to the required fill. The system uses programmable fill points to slow to a low speed for accuracy and allow for product in-flight.

Combination: Using both Volume & Weigh filling to maximize container capacity.

Product Target Variance Method
Coffee Beans 3kg -0/+11gm Weight  
Coffee Ground 500gm -0/+3gm Combination  
Flour 600gm -0/+5gm Volume 2s
Bread Mix 600gm -0/+6gm Volume 1.5s
Milk Powder 500gm -0/+3gm Volume 1.6s
Milk Derivative 500gm -0/+1gm Weight  
Pharmaceuticals 65gm -0/+0.7gm Weight 1.7s
Seasoning 4kg -0/+8gm Volume 7s
Seasoning 4kg -0/+3gm Weight 8s