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Braeside Vic 3195
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Australian design, build & service offers,
  • Local testing to establish minimum tolerances and productivity gains.
  • Accuracies to 0.1gm.
  • Cycle rates exceeding 80/min, determined by product
  • Auto transfer and auto tare of containers
  • Tailored service program
  • Filling at 1kg/sec.
  • Local support
Australian Filling & Packing Machines equipment can be fitted to various form, fill and seal machines, or mounted over conveyors for automatic filling of preformed containers.The company continues to improve machine performance and user benefits. Recent developments include improved performance auger funnels, a floor mounted hopper loading system integrated with the filling machine, touch screen controls and visual display of machine functions.
Standard Benefits include
  • Programmable control system
  • Integration with other systems
  • Touch screen programming
  • A wider range of standard functions
  • Feed system control
  • Auger reverse
  • Conveyor gating
  • Australian made

Special Options

  • austfill steel or powder coated frames
  • austfill steel castors
  • Wire cut-off
  • Bomb-bay doors
  • Quiet drive, <70dB
  • Adjustable column height
  • 1, 3, & 25kg scale models
  • Servo drive
  • Extended Tooling